• Bring Your Bright Learners Cards to Life!

    The App contains all six categories from all the packs and real life translations of every card.

    You can not only teach your child everything from the colours of the rainbow, numbers from 1 to 20, the days of the week in a new exciting way… You can now play the words in multiple languages to know your pronunciations are correct!

    The Apps feature gorgeous, original illustrations and simple, easy-to-use functionality.

  • Free on Apple and Android Devices!

    Download the app free on your Iphone, Ipad or android device and start learning today.

    *Free Version contains English translations only.
    For Additional languages purchase your cards from our website and become a member, your languages will then magically appear in your apps, upon login.

  • Feature up to 10 different languages on 70+ Cards

    Make a purchase of any Bright Learners Learning Cards from our website and we will then provide you access to login to the Apps, and your purchased languages will magically appear.

    Languages will be added to your cards based on your purchased language Editions automatically. English is provided free, and without a login required.

  • Easy to Use, Simple, Bright and Educational, Parent + Child!.

    We wanted to champion a return to practical, hands-on learning activities that would truly bring adults and children together in a fun and educational way, without being too dependent on technology.

How it works.

If you purchase any of the Bright Learners Learning Card Packs from our website, you will be asked to become a Member.

By becoming a member this allows us to link your purchased languages from the cards and activate them in your App.

Our Apps are Live!

Once your payment has been approved, you can simply login to your Bright Learners App.

We then do some behind the scenes magic and have your languages and translations appear automatically into your Apps, on every card.

See our FAQ’s section for more information